Roll of Honour

We remember those from the Ambulance Staff Community who have lost their lives.

We are proud to host this Roll of Honour to commemorate those who have have been killed or lost their lives whilst in the UK Ambulance Services Community.

Whilst every care has been taken to compile this list, TASC The Ambulance Staff Charity is reliant on the information that is provided to us by employer organisations in the community as well as relatives and friends of those that have passed away. If you would like to tell us about somebody that you know who has lot their lives in the line of duty, please contact us

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The ambulance service the member belonged to
Name Date of death Service
John William Fitsell 1983 East Sussex
Edward Hobby 1974 East Sussex
"Spike" Kelly 1975 East Sussex
Trevor Walters 1974 East Sussex
Ted Turley 1968 East Sussex
Peter Stringer 1968 East Sussex
Simon Sexton 2010 Eire
John O'Mahony 2005 Eire
George Brennan 1971 Essex
Peter Staker Essex
Mike Halls Essex
Jeff Stevens 2004 Essex
Carly Davy 2013 Essex
Michael Hall 1989 Essex
Colin John Brehaut 1994 Guernsey
Francis Allo 1945 Guernsey
Ian Roy Tucker 1996 Guernsey
Nick Atkinson 2005 Hampshire
Mr. James 1973 Hampshire
Henry Smith 1970 Hertfordshire
Ronald Holly 1970 Hertfordshire
Richard Wetherall 2002 Hertfordshire
Christine Holmes 1980 Hertfordshire
Harry Stevenson 1980 Hertfordshire
Frank Donnelly 1982 Hertfordshire
Leslie James Wright 1962 Hertfordshire
Peter Saunders 1968 Hertfordshire
Michael Moran 1968 Hertfordshire
Roy Humphries 1993 Hertfordshire
Kenneth Saunders 1975 Hertfordshire
Leslie White 1963 Hertfordshire
Hugh Mackie 1990 Hertfordshire
David Boniface 1970 Hertfordshire
Bryan Anderson Humberside
Norman Shepherdson Humberside
Peter Martinson Humberside
George Watkinson Humberside
Eddie Randerson 1987 Humberside
Brian Burley Humberside
Cliff Moor Humberside
Albert Branton Humberside
Eric Pinchbeck Humberside
Mervyn Ford 1994 Humberside
Carl Bloom 1979 Humberside
Brian Orange Humberside
Dave Morris Humberside
Rod Taylor Humberside
Carl Smith Humberside
Arthur Chapman Humberside
John Teanby Humberside