Roll of Honour

We remember those from the Ambulance Staff Community who have lost their lives.

We are proud to host this Roll of Honour to commemorate those who have have been killed or lost their lives whilst in the UK Ambulance Services Community.

Whilst every care has been taken to compile this list, TASC The Ambulance Staff Charity is reliant on the information that is provided to us by employer organisations in the community as well as relatives and friends of those that have passed away. If you would like to tell us about somebody that you know who has lot their lives in the line of duty, please contact us

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The ambulance service the member belonged to
Name Date of death Service
George Jones Shropshire
Karen Feely North West Ambulance Service
Fred Baker East Midlands
Peter Kindred Manchester
Arthur South East Midlands
Charlie McLean East Midlands
Don Birchall Bedfordshire
Arthur Pickering Shropshire
Raymond Allen Manchester
George Davies Shropshire
John Rose Nottingham
Lucy Harris Shropshire
Alfred Williams West Midlands Ambulance Service
Bruce Grieves East Midlands
Mike Halls Essex
Walter Walker Shropshire
Martin Dew Wales
Brian Burley Humberside
Mr. Wynstanley Shropshire
George Smith Humberside
George Milner Shropshire
Stephen Burton North West Ambulance Service
Jim Bains East Midlands
Marianne Westwood Dorset
Wilfred Wall Manchester
Eve Sutton East Midlands
George Lewington East Midlands
Mrs. Ashley Shropshire
Maurice Carter Durham
Ken Parsons Shropshire
Gordon Taylor Manchester
Reg Devey Shropshire
Donald Boswell West Midlands Ambulance Service
Geoff Rhodes Staffordshire
J. Wollard Sussex
Thomas Revill Nottingham
Peter Dodd Derbyshire
Roland Harper Shropshire
Dan Scriven West Midlands Ambulance Service
Roger Ford East Midlands
Harold Vaughan Shropshire
Hubert Hopkins Wales
Albert Branton Humberside
Leslie A. Wilson Humberside
Graham Medlicott Shropshire
Neil Peters North West Ambulance Service
Ken Allen East Midlands
Nicholas Woolley East Midlands